Plasma Daruma Poster (Male)
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Plasma Daruma Poster (Male)

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【This item is shipping from Australi】 【QQQ Daruma Poster's delivery days】 Australia to Australia = 3 - 5 days Australia to oversea = 5 days - two weeks When various products are ordered, Please be aware that our products are produced in Japan and Australia and can vary with lead times and selling arrangements. There can be a difference in arrival time depending on which products are ordered and which country they are shipped from. こちらの商品はオーストラリアからの発送となります。 オーダー頂き【QQQ Daruma Poster】到着までのおおよその日数。 オーストラリア→オーストラリア=3~10日 オーストラリア→海外(日本)=5日~数週間 同時に異なる発送国の商品をオーダーされた場合、一括での発送は出来ません。 商品により、到着する日数が異なる事を事前にご了承ください。 【Details】 Color:RED,BLUE,BLACK SIZE:A2 Made in Australia モノ作りに対する姿勢に共鳴し合い実現したPlasma Collaborativeとの初のコラボレーション。 古来から人間本来がもっていた、けれど現代では失われつつある力を今一度思い出せるアイテムをコンセプトとし、このポスターを制作しました。 人々が忘れかけている本来の「祈る」という行為。 人種宗教問わず「祈る」行為の為に設けられた場所が全世界各地にあるように古来から人々は祈って来ました。 この達磨ポスターは、そんな祈りを込める事の出来るポスターです。 This hand drawn piece takes inspiration from traditional Japanese pattern work converging with geometric Plasma design. A collaboration with QQQ, this hand drawn piece was designed over the summer break of 2013/2014. We wanted to fuse the energy within both of our creative collectives and come up with a complete design that represents our vision moving forward into 2014.'The Daruma Concept' The Collaboration between QQQ and Plasma Collaborative was inspired by a collective vision, artistic approach and intention to send messages of awareness. Based on an original concept of ancient Japanese culture, the objective is to bring energy of ancient times to modern day people. ‘Daruma’ is an act of prayer & intuition, something a lot of humans have forgot.To use the ‘Daruma’ poster, state a new objective or resolution in your life… Whilst doing so colour the first eye, If such a wish or goal is reached colour the second eye. This is a sign of achievement and objective in your life. Plasma Collaborative website